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Awesome Sleep Medicine Tips From Around The World

People all over the world have times where they have problems falling asleep at night and may require some sleep medicine.  So it makes sense that there are many different remedies to help you fall asleep, since different cultures have created different methods depending on where they live.  Here are some of the things that people in other cultures try, and you might be able to try if you are having problems falling asleep.sleep medicine

Acupressure is one way that some people use to help with imsomnia.  Acupressure uses pressure points to help relax your body, so that you can fall asleep easier.  It’s something that you can try yourself, and can give you results quickly and simply.  If you decide to try this, massage each pressure point for about a minute each.

  1. Your Hand  – With your palm facing up, massage right below the first crease of the wrist, where the wrist meets your hand.
  2. Your Face – Apply pressure to the spot between your eyebrows with the tips of your index and third finger.
  3. Back of Your Head – Gently massage at the indentation at the base of the skull at the back of your head.  Move outward an inch on both sides of the skull at your hairline.

Acupuncture is another thing that some people have tried in order to make it easier to fall asleep at night.  Acupuncture is when many very thin needles are inserted into certain parts of your body in order to stimulate and influence your body.  Besides a small prick when the needles are inserted, you should not feel any pain at all.  This has been known to help some fall asleep at night.

Fung Shui is another method that some have tried to make the room more comfortable and easier to fall asleep in. Fung Shui says that furniture should be placed a certain way in the room in order to give it certain energy.  For example, in the bedroom they say it is important that your head is not towards the door.  The proper position is to have the bed in a way that you can see the door, but not be right across from it.  Also, try to have the bed not be under a window.  If it must be, make sure you use curtains.   Things like this can help make the room more relaxing, and help sleep come easier.

Ayurvedic Sleep Medicine
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Another method that is used in other countries is Ayurvedic Medicine, which is a traditional Indian life science.  This says that you should go to sleep before 10pm at night, since that is the “sleepy” part of night when it will be easiest for you to fall asleep.  It will also make it easier for you to wake up around 6am, which is when they say you should wake up in the morning.  They also say you should have lunch as your big meal of the day, and a light meal about three hours before going to sleep.  A lower limb massage right before going to bed using oils can also aid in falling asleep sooner.

As you can see, there are many different types of sleep medicine that can be used to help you fall asleep at night.  While many of them are different, they all have one thing in common, which is relaxing so you can fall asleep sooner.